Being a small brand in todays world is incredibly complex. On one hand we have freedom like never before to be in charge of our lifestyles, and on the other hand, with this freedom comes great responsibility. 

As a brand, we are not just about making desirable items - we are focused on ensuring they are made fairly, sustainably and responsibly and the people making them are looked after fairly and responsibly too. We believe that for anyone making a product to sell today, this has to be a focus as important as the product itself. We all carry a duty to look after our planet. 

We are a brand that believes strongly in good, timeless design and we do not create product to fit into seasons. We do not believe that making product for short selling periods only is good for anyone in the supply chain, nor is it good for our customer and the worst of all is the impact it has on the environment. We are an antidote to fast and throwaway, and in our small way we are hoping to pave the way to a gentler, slower world, less focused on excess and more about living life beautifully, happily and sustainably. 

I for one find commercialism uncomfortable; yet here I am, ultimately to sell. Spending my life creating and selling products that bring joy to you as the customer, as much as they bring to me as the designer, is my main goal. The only way I have been able to make sense and accept this conundrum within, is by taking charge, being responsible and making sure we have made the right choices all the way. 

At Projektityyny, we work with a factory in India whom we have known personally for over 7 years. We have had the priviledge to see them take their first steps into home textiles about the same time we started venturing into it too - Together we can make sure we are growing the right way. 

Our factory holds ‘an eco- factory ceritificate’ and is committed to zero landfill in order to improve the lives of the employees and all the people in the supply chain. This goes for all waste generated at the factory including fabric, packaging, office items, food etc.  
Our factory reduces water consumption by re-using their rinse water and actively harvesting rain water. Our factory also has an ETP treatment plant, and effluent treatment plant for water discharge and all water used is treated neutral before release back into sewers. They also use environmentally friendly dyes only. 

Our factory is a SEDEX socially and ethically approved factory. Sedex is one of the world's largest collaborative platforms (for Buyers, suppliers and auditors) for sharing responsible sourcing data on supply chains, used by more than 55000 members who all have full visibility to audit reports offering them full transparency. 

Our factory follows a strict, jointly agreed code of conduct with its employees which underlines all working practices, maximum working hours, living wage, minimum worker age, safety of conditions etc. This factory and the people working on our product have been instrumental in helping us become who we are today! 

We hope you will keep our textiles in your homes for many years to come.